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“Positive thinking won’t allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking will.� -Zig Ziglar
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"Received my pins...thank you so much! I'm currently a breast cancer patient at M.D. Anderson. I have to tell you, I truly believe that positive thinking has gotten me through it all, and continues to send me quickly down my path to recovery. :)" - from Carla T

"I wear this pin every day to keep my positive energy in check. This pin means a lot to me and I hope it has the same positive effect on others!" - from Hattie

"When I was 40 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Stage 3, very serious, did not look good. I wondered how this happened. Oh my God, what was I going to do? What were we, as a family going to do? We had two children and a perfect life. I was too young to die. I really started to come unglued, until my doctor sat me down and said "We cannot what-if. What-if doesn't help us. We have to play the hand that we were dealt." It struck me like a bolt of lightening that I was not making anything better by worrying. I started to think positive. Went through chemo and radiation, while I continued to work and take one day at a time. It's been 10 yrs...wohoo! Cancer free" - from Cindy

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